Friday, January 10, 2014

Spring Inspiration

Who else is ready for spring?! I am so ready to warm up and break out my spring outfits this year. I figured I would take a look back at the spring 2014 collections by a few of my favorite designers to gain some inspiration for the upcoming season!

I also am currently in the process of cleaning and organizing my closet. I did this when I first moved to this new place in August, although this time I am documenting all of my clothing. Now this is something I have done many times at my internships so I could track samples and for product development reasons, and though it could be useful for my own wardrobe. I will be doing a blog post shortly after I finish documenting everything and organizing everything on how I did it and what I used. I am very excited to see how this all works. I love being organized. Yeah I know I'm a nerd haha.

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