Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Everything You Need To Know About Filling In Eyebrows

This is the second half of the eyebrows topic. Check out the first half on tweezing eyebrows here.
After searching high and low for all the best tricks on filling in eyebrows perfectly this is what I gathered....

Everything You Need to Know About Filling in Eyebrows:

  1.  Take your spoolie and brush eyebrows in direction you want them. Usually brush up then to the side.
  2. Start by using a eye primer, yes the same thing that you use for your eyelids. Just make sure it isn't a shimmer eye primer. This makes sure the eye powder stays all day.
  3. Take your favorite eyebrow kit (I use the Elf eyebrow kit. It's cheap and works amazingly) Using the darker wax take your angled brush and start to fill in your eyebrows. Using short light feathery strokes to mimic the look of hair. Always remember to keep the start of your eyebrows lighter than the ends!!!
  4. Using the same angled brush take the lighter powder and do the same thing. Although really focus on keeping the start of your eyebrow light and more shaped by using the angle on your brush.
  5. Take your favorite concealer, in a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, and using your concealer brush apply concealer above and below your eyebrow. This perfects the shape of your eyebrows and makes them pop!
  6. Take a blending brush, or even your finger, and blend the concealer so it looks natural.
  7. Take your spoolie again and brush your eyebrows to make sure everything is blended on your brow and in the right direction.
  8. Optional: For maximum security your eyebrows will stay all day long use a brow gel and lightly brush the gel over your brows so they don't move and get messed up throughout the day!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Everything You Need To Know About Tweezing Eyebrows

I'm not a big make up/beauty person.  I was always more interested in what outfit I was going to wear for the day and how my hair went with it than what my face looked like. My previous eyebrow history was basically me just going to my hair salon and having them wax my eyebrows or getting my eyebrows threaded (I highly recommend) every once and awhile. Although once I began to stop going to my parents more often and turned into the broke college student I figured I would do them myself. It has been a long journey to say the least. I discovered early on that I have sensitive eyebrows to tweezing and the moment I pluck one I sneeze twice! 
After searching the internet world of information this is everything I found about what to do for your eyebrows from the tweezing them!

Everything you need to know about tweezing eyebrows:

QUICK TIP: Before you start sanitize your tweezers and scissors! 
    1.  The more round your face is the sharper the angle of your eyebrows can be. The more defined your face is the smoother and rounder your eyebrows should be. 
    2. Take a make up brush to the side of your nostril and hold straight up. That is where your eyebrow should start. Put a dot or line there on your eyebrow using a different color eyeliner.
    3.  Place make up brush from side of nostril over black pupil and that is where your arch should be. Draw another line or dot.
    4. Place make up brush from nostril over corner of your eye and that is where your eyebrows should end. Draw another line or dot.
    5. Now take eyebrow brush using the comb side, comb eyebrows upward and take cuticle scissors cut the hairs that go up past your eyebrow. Do the same thing downward.
    6. Voila! You have your trimmed and tweezed eyebrows!
QUICK TIPS: To stop from hurting your when tweezing put ice or an ice pack over your eyebrow before you tweez (and after if it really hurts like it does for me) it helps numb and stop the pain. Always tweez eyebrows in the direction then grow which is always up and to the side of your face. Pull the skin tight over your eyebrows, keeping skin taught help reduce pain.  Lastly I heard about, but never personally tried, using baby teething topical medication on your eyebrow.

 Now that is all! Check back tomorrow to see everything I discovered about filling in your eyebrows!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kanye West Ruined the Birkin Bag For Me...

I debated talking about this on my blog. Although, It was something I could not keep myself from saying on twitter hehe. Before I go further let this be known that these are my opinions and if anyone thinks differently okay that's fine. I know some people get very offended for some reason when I say, I really do not like Kanye West. There I said it. He is not a wonderful all amazing talent of... well anything really (again this is my opinion). I was never a big fan of his music, it was just always kind of there like a sweater you bought because it was on sale although you never liked it enough to actually wear.

So I guess it comes to no shock to anyone I HATE what he got Kim Kardashian as a Christmas present! To me the Birkin bag is a nod to class, elegance, safistication and a sign that you have all around made it! Made it in what I don't know, but I know I have always wanted one since being in my young preteen years. It was something I always thought, 'I know I've made it when I can afford my Birkin bag with out being in debt!' It was a wonderful fantasy of mine.

Many of my favorite celebrities and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry even have them like Olivia Palermo, Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, and POSH SPICE! Okay, okay I mean Victoria Beckham. Just look how lovely the bag looks draped on their arms. So elegant even dresses down!

Explicit image of bag & album artwork-click post to view

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rustic Glam

Since moving in with my boyfriend he has made my style of home decor change. I was defiantly more feminine before and now I have slowly started to gain more of a love for rustic and natural elements that make a place more masculine. Although I will never get rid of my love for glam and glitter. So for some inspiration at the next place we move to (whenever that will be) I looked up a bunch of my favorite pieces to create a rustic glam look.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

At the GW

Sweater: H&M (old) | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: super old no name brand from a little boutique 

Not a big update but I just love enjoying the fall weather while looking out over the city at the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey. I'm a sucker for a gorgeous view. Where are some of you favorite views?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY: Cap Toe Flats

So I've had these black studded flats for a long time now. I got them from Target, I can't even remember how many years now. Since I've had them for so long and wore them so much they eventually got scuffed up on the top point (Sad face). Since they were all scuffed up I hardly ever ware them anymore. So I decided to create my own cap toe to cover up the scrapes and I can ware them again!

It's really easy and takes no time at all. Just tape off the area you want painted. I also taped a piece of paper around the shoes so no spray paint would stray. The you use your preferred color of spray paint and let dry! Really simple, really cute!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Boyfriend Shirt?

 Forever 21 Blouse | Old Urban Outfitters Pants (similar) | Prabal Gurung for Target Shoes (similar or Ebay)

So not only do we have boyfriend jeans, which I am obsessed with, but I call this blouse the boyfriend shirt. I got it at Forever 21 over the summer. I am obsessed with the big loose button down, which reminds me of my boyfriends button ups.  These pictures were also used for my bio on CollegeFashionista, which is the website which I am currently a Style Guru for.

Monday, September 23, 2013

H&M Home Decor

I recently discovered that H&M has home decor! My favorite part about finding this out, is that everything is at a reasonable price.  Which is perfect for me. Ever since I lived in Philadelphia I have been obsessed with interior design. My home decor is constantly growing and evolving with my lifestyle. 
While I was living in Philly I didn't have a lot of space so everything was condensed and crammed all into one main room. When I moved to the poconos and into my two story apt, I finally got to grow my style and I purchased more decorative items. 
Now that I have moved into a house with my boyfriend I have been able to grow my personal interior design with his. I love mixing masculine and feminine items together.
Check out all these home decor items here.

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Autumn Must Haves


Hey guys! Fall will officially be here, in the poconos, on Sunday! I always love fall. I love picking apples, carving pumpkins, handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, dressing up my dogs in halloween costumes, thanksgiving, football, and of course the fashion! I'm sure others agree that fall will always be the best time of the year for fashion. I love layers and mixing up textures and prints. These items I have listed are just a few of my favorite items for the fall weather. I do not have any of them, so it means I need to go out to get them!

#1: A dropped waist is everywhere this season. The emerald dress is a perfect item for fall/winter. It can be worn by it's self on the warmer more comfortable days. Or once it gets colder you can throw on a jacket and tights, or even wear a long sleeved shirt under the dress.

#2: A big comfy sweater is a MUST! Especially for us college students, like me, who wakes up way  to early just to run to classes then sit studying in the library for the next two hours. Sometimes I just want to be comfy, you know the seniorits  is kicking in.

#3: I just love pencil skirts, but sometimes they seem too business casual for a school setting. So I love keeping it fun and right for my age of a young 22 year old.

#4: Leather pants can be worn with anything. It just warms up an outfit physically and visually. 

#5: A casually and comfortable t-shit is always a must but when the t-shit mixes prints is add that extra design element.

#6: I love loafers, but I have never bought a pair yet. I just love ones I found at Forever21that have cute sayings on them. Remember fashion is FUN, so when you see something cute or funny you want to wear around.. WORK IT!

#7: I have been wanting a black wool floppy hat for several years now and haven't been able to bring myself to purchase one yet. I think this year will make it the year I do. I love hats and when adding this to an outfit it will not only help keep you warm but will look awesome. 

#8: EARRINGS-SO SORRY I forgot to add numbers to 8 and 9. Anyways, I love these earrings and the detail that it can add to an outfit. It is defiantly a way to add a rocker edge. 

#9: NY GIANTS T-SHIT-SO SORRY I forgot to add numbers to 8 and 9! So, I figured I just had to add a NY Giants T-shirt to the mix just for my boyfriend because that's his team and I don't have one nor to I really care to have one so besides a super old eagles jersey I have no football merchandise.. looks like I have to get one lol.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dots & Dogs

Hey everyone! So I thought I would do another outfit of the day. It was a busy day on campus, and once I got home I only had so much more daylight. I had to play with my dogs while I was taking the photos. Oh I'm just a multi-tasker. Layla was obsessing over fetch while my other pup was scared of the tripod and ran to the other end of the backyard barking at the neighbors hah.

Anyways I love fall. I am also a big fan of mixing prints and colors. Which is why I mixed blue polk-a-dot sweater with red pants and cheetah flats. A simple casual outfit for the chill day we had in the poconos today. Burr.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Get The Look For Less

Hey everyone. So I don't know about you, but after this fashion week I am feeling more inspired than ever with my own personal style. The only problem is I have the taste of a bagillionaire and the budget of a broke college student. 
So here is a "Get The Look For Less" post. Basically, it's an outfit I love but I also put the more affordable (and realistic) for my budget.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Funday

 Shirt: Target (similar) | Shorts: Old Navy | Shoes: Converse | Hat: The Troubadour by Zac Brown Band

Hey everyone! So this morning I am going to be driving back, with my puppy, to my house after a wonderful visit at my parents and getting to see my sister graduate. So since I will be stuck driving in a car for almost three hours decided to keep it light and simple. I love my fadora, I wear this a lot. 
I got it from the last Zac Brown Band concert I was working at. It is called the troubadour, which is perfect for it because it comes with a guitar pick and slide. I'm not a guitar player but 
I do know enough about it to get me through a conversation lol.


Friday, June 14, 2013

conglomerate of summer trends

Dress: Elle | Shirt: Old Navy | Heels: Prabal Gurung for Target | Sunglasses: Target | Watch & Ring: Michael Kors

So in this outfit is a hint of a few of the fashion trends for this summer. Black and White (minus the white), Chambray button down, and anything neon. I always love incorporating a few fashion trends in one outfit just to see how far I can go without making myself look like a hot fashion mess.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I will be celebrating my sisters graduation.
[photo credit to my sister Emily]


Monday, June 10, 2013

Edgy and Sweet

With this outfit I was very much inspired by Olivia Palermo. I absolutely love her style.
I found this limited edition dress at TopShop. It is so cute and I love how it looks so sweet.
While paring it with the rough leather jacket makes that edgy statement.
How do you like to pair your leather jacket?


Friday, June 7, 2013

Always a child at heart.

Figured I would leave everyone with a wonderful little quote from Kate Spade.
Hope everyone enjoys their Friday. Sadly it is raining here due to Hurricane Andrea. 
So the puppy and I are just watching Sex and the City as I post.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Banana & Milly

One. | Two. | Three. | Four. | Five. | Six. | Seven. | Eight. | Nine. | Ten. | Eleven.

So, I've always been a fan of Milly and Banana Republic and they have done a collaboration together.
This collection is inspired by summertime in the Hamptons. I love it. My personal favorite is the navy and white elephant shorts, and the maxi dress.
How do you feel about the Milly Banana Republic collaboration?


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Neck Candy

One. | Two. | Three. | Four. | Five. | Six.

I'm loving all of the bright colors and intricate detailing in these necklaces. 
The best thing is they are all under fifteen dollars! 
Great to spice up a summer outfit. 


Friday, May 31, 2013

A Strappy Summer

I'm loving these little strappy shoes that I found on the Nordstrom website.
I think that they are perfect for summer. I find the straps to give the shoes a sexy and cute spice to them. I love having some neutral colors in my closet, as well as the bright heels that can make an outfit pop, and they are also great when using them for color blocking an outfit.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Since the Council of Fashion Designers of America 2013 Awards are almost here 
I figured I would just write a little bit about them.

They will be held Monday June 3rd. Although, for only the second time it will be digitally broadcasted on Tuesday, June 4th on Style.com's homepage.

I'm pretty excited, again, to watch the awards. 
Hah, honestly they are the only awards I really ever watch fully.

2013 Nominees:

Proenza Schouler
Marc Jacobs
Alexander Wang

Thom Browne
Michael Bastian
Duckie Brown

Proenza Schouler
Alexander Wang
Phillip Lim

Creatures of the Wind
Cushnie et Ochs

Tim Coppens
Todd Snyder
Public School

 Pamela Love
Irene Neuwirth
Jennifer Meyer

I don't have anyone I'm really hoping to win besides SUNO. I remember doing a presentation on them in 2010 on them being an up and coming sustainable high fashion collection. Their collections from their 2009 and 2010 collections have grown significantly and I think they deserve the award.
Fingers crossed for them.

More information and lookbooks of the designers on the CFDA website

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Evolving Style

Hey everyone, 
So everyone's style is constantly changing and evolving, just as their lives are are doing so. 
I was always interested in fashion and loved changing up my style. Now I feel like I'm finally in a style that I will stay with for awhile. Not sure what to really call it, but who really needs a name for it? This just shows how since I was eight to nine years old until now my style progressed. 
It's not even just clothes, you can see it in hair and accessories.

Enjoy your Memorial Weekend everyone!

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