Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kanye West Ruined the Birkin Bag For Me...

I debated talking about this on my blog. Although, It was something I could not keep myself from saying on twitter hehe. Before I go further let this be known that these are my opinions and if anyone thinks differently okay that's fine. I know some people get very offended for some reason when I say, I really do not like Kanye West. There I said it. He is not a wonderful all amazing talent of... well anything really (again this is my opinion). I was never a big fan of his music, it was just always kind of there like a sweater you bought because it was on sale although you never liked it enough to actually wear.

So I guess it comes to no shock to anyone I HATE what he got Kim Kardashian as a Christmas present! To me the Birkin bag is a nod to class, elegance, safistication and a sign that you have all around made it! Made it in what I don't know, but I know I have always wanted one since being in my young preteen years. It was something I always thought, 'I know I've made it when I can afford my Birkin bag with out being in debt!' It was a wonderful fantasy of mine.

Many of my favorite celebrities and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry even have them like Olivia Palermo, Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, and POSH SPICE! Okay, okay I mean Victoria Beckham. Just look how lovely the bag looks draped on their arms. So elegant even dresses down!

Explicit image of bag & album artwork-click post to view

Now Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the Birkin she has been spotted carrying the elegant bag many times. Although once the arrogant Kanye entered her life now she ends up dressing even worse and now prowdly carrying about this horrendous "work of art." That she thinks is amazing just because her beau says it is.

Now I am no stranger to art. I went to art school, I understand artists all the way from Picaso and Renoir to Banksy.  Have been to Claude Monte's house in Giverny, France as well as the Louvre. I used to be in the Philly Art Museum on a weekly basis and I adore the MET. I not only love and understand nude paintings, but I have painted and sketched nude people myself. I graduated with Honors from my art school with a degree in fashion design. I know both world and I consider fashion it's own form of art.

Being all of this I do not find this Birkin to be a form of art. A Birkin should be enough art all on it's own. Very disrespectful to not only taint the bag but with something that is basically advertising to Kanyes album! (The same artist who painted for his new album "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" painted the bag, so it has the same look and feel)

And that is all. I'm done my little rant.
Please don't tell me I'm alone on this. What do you guys think of this Birkin bag?
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