Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Everything You Need To Know About Filling In Eyebrows

This is the second half of the eyebrows topic. Check out the first half on tweezing eyebrows here.
After searching high and low for all the best tricks on filling in eyebrows perfectly this is what I gathered....

Everything You Need to Know About Filling in Eyebrows:

  1.  Take your spoolie and brush eyebrows in direction you want them. Usually brush up then to the side.
  2. Start by using a eye primer, yes the same thing that you use for your eyelids. Just make sure it isn't a shimmer eye primer. This makes sure the eye powder stays all day.
  3. Take your favorite eyebrow kit (I use the Elf eyebrow kit. It's cheap and works amazingly) Using the darker wax take your angled brush and start to fill in your eyebrows. Using short light feathery strokes to mimic the look of hair. Always remember to keep the start of your eyebrows lighter than the ends!!!
  4. Using the same angled brush take the lighter powder and do the same thing. Although really focus on keeping the start of your eyebrow light and more shaped by using the angle on your brush.
  5. Take your favorite concealer, in a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, and using your concealer brush apply concealer above and below your eyebrow. This perfects the shape of your eyebrows and makes them pop!
  6. Take a blending brush, or even your finger, and blend the concealer so it looks natural.
  7. Take your spoolie again and brush your eyebrows to make sure everything is blended on your brow and in the right direction.
  8. Optional: For maximum security your eyebrows will stay all day long use a brow gel and lightly brush the gel over your brows so they don't move and get messed up throughout the day!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Everything You Need To Know About Tweezing Eyebrows

I'm not a big make up/beauty person.  I was always more interested in what outfit I was going to wear for the day and how my hair went with it than what my face looked like. My previous eyebrow history was basically me just going to my hair salon and having them wax my eyebrows or getting my eyebrows threaded (I highly recommend) every once and awhile. Although once I began to stop going to my parents more often and turned into the broke college student I figured I would do them myself. It has been a long journey to say the least. I discovered early on that I have sensitive eyebrows to tweezing and the moment I pluck one I sneeze twice! 
After searching the internet world of information this is everything I found about what to do for your eyebrows from the tweezing them!

Everything you need to know about tweezing eyebrows:

QUICK TIP: Before you start sanitize your tweezers and scissors! 
    1.  The more round your face is the sharper the angle of your eyebrows can be. The more defined your face is the smoother and rounder your eyebrows should be. 
    2. Take a make up brush to the side of your nostril and hold straight up. That is where your eyebrow should start. Put a dot or line there on your eyebrow using a different color eyeliner.
    3.  Place make up brush from side of nostril over black pupil and that is where your arch should be. Draw another line or dot.
    4. Place make up brush from nostril over corner of your eye and that is where your eyebrows should end. Draw another line or dot.
    5. Now take eyebrow brush using the comb side, comb eyebrows upward and take cuticle scissors cut the hairs that go up past your eyebrow. Do the same thing downward.
    6. Voila! You have your trimmed and tweezed eyebrows!
QUICK TIPS: To stop from hurting your when tweezing put ice or an ice pack over your eyebrow before you tweez (and after if it really hurts like it does for me) it helps numb and stop the pain. Always tweez eyebrows in the direction then grow which is always up and to the side of your face. Pull the skin tight over your eyebrows, keeping skin taught help reduce pain.  Lastly I heard about, but never personally tried, using baby teething topical medication on your eyebrow.

 Now that is all! Check back tomorrow to see everything I discovered about filling in your eyebrows!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kanye West Ruined the Birkin Bag For Me...

I debated talking about this on my blog. Although, It was something I could not keep myself from saying on twitter hehe. Before I go further let this be known that these are my opinions and if anyone thinks differently okay that's fine. I know some people get very offended for some reason when I say, I really do not like Kanye West. There I said it. He is not a wonderful all amazing talent of... well anything really (again this is my opinion). I was never a big fan of his music, it was just always kind of there like a sweater you bought because it was on sale although you never liked it enough to actually wear.

So I guess it comes to no shock to anyone I HATE what he got Kim Kardashian as a Christmas present! To me the Birkin bag is a nod to class, elegance, safistication and a sign that you have all around made it! Made it in what I don't know, but I know I have always wanted one since being in my young preteen years. It was something I always thought, 'I know I've made it when I can afford my Birkin bag with out being in debt!' It was a wonderful fantasy of mine.

Many of my favorite celebrities and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry even have them like Olivia Palermo, Ashley Olsen, Nicole Richie, and POSH SPICE! Okay, okay I mean Victoria Beckham. Just look how lovely the bag looks draped on their arms. So elegant even dresses down!

Explicit image of bag & album artwork-click post to view

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rustic Glam

Since moving in with my boyfriend he has made my style of home decor change. I was defiantly more feminine before and now I have slowly started to gain more of a love for rustic and natural elements that make a place more masculine. Although I will never get rid of my love for glam and glitter. So for some inspiration at the next place we move to (whenever that will be) I looked up a bunch of my favorite pieces to create a rustic glam look.
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