Sunday, January 22, 2012

Instagram Life #3

Wellp, been awhile since I did this. But this is basically what has been going on lately through my world of Instagram. This first picture on the upper left is my amazing awesome avacado and mozzarella grilled cheese I made. Next me showing my appreciation for Joe Pa, I used to go to Penn State so I still have that certain Penn State pride for the amazing football coach and man that he was. Next is from a new Youtuber I just found watch it she's hilarious (My Drunk Kitchen). 
Middle left row is of my awesome cookies I got from my mommy! Then I Karl Laugerfeld'ed my little cousin, it's a really fun app, check it out. (Net-A-Porter Karl) Ahhh again I love bubble baths! 
Oh and then on the bottom left is my cute little robot love window for Valentines Day. The last two are because of snow. It snowed the other night and then I realized I have nothing but cheese and pizza sauce to eat in the fridge. Sad. Don't worry I didn't starve, lol.
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