Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Love is in the Air

Hello guys! Ahh it's been so long since I posted anything last, sorry. I've been feeling guilty this whole time. I even had this whole idea of different things I would post everyday on my blog starting January first. But sadly I have left my laptop at home, and currently I am still out for "vacation" with my family. I now have finally gotten to a computer I am allowed to use and I am updating with a holiday, if you would like to call it that, that I actually already bought some decorations for in my apartment. Yepp that's right Valentines Day!
In about 6 weeks it will be that time of love and I figure why not get a head start and post something for it. Since everything else I was going to do now has to be on hold. So here it is, my own playlist dedicated to Valentines Day and all the people in love this year.

  • She's Got You High-Mumm Ra: I first heard about this song from my snooping around through a bunch of different artists online and happened to find it. I then noticed it's in the movie 500 Days Of Summer! 
  • Do You Realize??-The Flaming Lips: Now I have been listening to The Flaming Lips for a longg time now it seems. My dad has always played their music, and this was just always my favorite by them!
  • Do You Remember-Jack Johnson: Now one of my guilty pleasures is getting ready in the morning (normally alone) while BLASTING John Mayer radio, and singing every song as loud as possible. Mhmm and this is one of the songs that always seems to find it's way onto Pandora when I listen to it. It's pretty cute. 
  • I Want to Hold Your Hand-The Beatles: Who doesn't love The Beatles and their music!? This and 'Hey Jude' were actually two of their songs that my family had on our karaoke machine we had as I was growing up.  
  • First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes: Ah, I love Bright Eyes! and the music video is really cute too! It's nice to see in the video that anyone can fall in love with anyone, and that it really doesn't discriminant between race or gender or anything. Everyone can love and be loved. I have the music video of it linked on the title.
  • Falling into You- Mae: I've always loved the band Mae, and in their ablum (a)fternoon they have this instrumental song. I absolutely LOVE this song, I find it to be beautiful. Now I've never told anyone this before but is has to do with the reason I picked this for the Valentines Day playlist. Now I'm not the kind of girl who ever though about getting married and dreamed up her perfect wedding ever, I never even though about the wedding dress. But when I heard this I knew that I if I ever do get married I want this to be played as the music I walk down the isle to.
  • Love Song-The Cure (or the Adele version) Gahh, such a good song. Again my dad had this song in his library, by The Cure, and I would always listen to it.
  • Somewhere Only We Know-Keane: This song really is great because I know a lot of different couples, and me having my own relationships from first had experience I know there are those times were it seems like it would just be better to leave and go someplace only you two know because everyone else can just be so annoying sometimes, especially when they put in their two cents about how your relationship should be going lol. 
  • Here In Your Arms-Hellogoodbye: Okay, Hellogoodbye was my favorite band when I was a freshman in high school. I LOVED shimmy shimmy quarter turn and touch down turn around! This is one of their more famous love songs, as well as Oh! It Is Love, but I just loved this music video cause I thought it was cute, and this happens to just remind me of my first boyfriend I ever had! Hah! It's interesting how things end up turning out later on in life.
  • Vanilla Twilight-Owl City: I saw Owl City in concert, and being right up front it was amazing! He played this song and Saltwater Room and I couldn't really decide which one I wanted in the playlist but Vanilla Twilight won! :)

Now there are a couple of love songs in the last playlist I made (Blogger Playlist) that could also be used in this, but I wanted to use all different songs this time. 
Hope you enjoy the music!
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