Sunday, January 29, 2012

Instagram Life #4

Okay so this week has been crazy. Been doing a lot for my mini collection, my bridal portfolio and I have been trying to become more intellectual in the culinary world lol.
First off I love POM green tea. it's just the best, as well as the whole wawa every size of coffee is $1... well actually $1.06 with tax, but it's okay. I love my daddy, he always send me me random encouraging texts and I love it! It really helps to know that he's proud of me. That burger, yes I made it from scratch! It was really nervous cause I never made one before in my life and I just played it by ear while making it but it turned out to be quite delicious! And then there is me modeling my YSL lipstick that I am soooo in love with, ahh. CARMEL MACCHIATO's save my life! And my professor shared with us the line up for Fashion Week, I saw Timo Weiland and was soo excited! Next is my outfit I made a couple months ago for class, the hems aren't finished in the pic but yepp. And who doesn't love to relax and eat a bunch of grapes, or blueberries, or strawberries.. sorry I'm a fruit fanatic. Well I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday.
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