Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Demi Lovato Inspired Style

Well, I have a confession. I actually used to not like Demi Lovato. When she first stepped out on the "scene" in Disney's little TV series As The Bell Rings and then got her break out role in Camp Rock she defiantly wasn't my favorite actress. To me, even in just her acting she seemed just a little to fake and seemed to be hiding something.
Then after her break down, she finally came clean and told everyone what she has been going through and she got help. This was when I started to respect her. She finally started to show her true colors, no matter how scared or damaged they may be.
I respect her and now consider her a role model to me, for more personal reasons than just fashion.
I also have just loved her style and body confidence since she has been out of rehab. She's doesn't seem scared now.
Now she is not my personal style now but, I did used to love this style and played up my own version of the punk rock, black, indie-esque style. Although her style, more specifically her friend Hanna Beth, is my target market customer I tend to design my clothes around.
So here are just a few pieces of clothing I found on polyvore (check it out for more information on each individual garment) so you can mix and match to get her style, or just grab a couple pieces to incorporate into your own personal style, like I tend to do.
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