Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring Must Haves

spring must haves

These are just a couple of my favorite things that I will be shortly starting to look for, in my spring wardrobe.  Check out my polyvore for more of the detailed information on what I have shown above and to check out any other of my posts on their.

-Stripes are defiantly a must. Think nautical. I think every spring this is a style always repeated but always looked forward to by everyone. I just love wearing stripes with blue shorts and flats, something very simplistic and Americana about it.

-Knee Length Skirts are getting big. Now they don't have to be exactly knee length in my opinion. I think ones that come a little above the knee or a little below are perfect! And so easy to pair with a simple shirt. Also if you get a nice big flowing skirt it will keep you cool.

-Crochet has become very big. It's on everything now! Shorts, shirts, heels, flats, bags, jewelry. I say run with this trend. I don't think it's going to be something big and trendy for very long but for now, why not use it? And I bet in a few years time the crochet style will be back again.

-Kitten Heels, are sooo much more comfortable to wear than regular heels! I'm actually really happy that these are back in style. I love getting that little extra boost in height without having to kill my feet! They still look sexy and classic. My professor quoted Karl Lagerfeld  a couple weeks ago about kitten heels being the next big thing in shoes.

-Now obviously you will always need your rain boots and umbrella for the spring. Come on it's always raining.

-Patterns and the mixing of patterns. Don't be afraid to wear patterns on your shorts like the ones I have shown above and then wearing a small pin stripe blouse with it. The type to keep in mind when using two different patterns it make sure the colors are around the same and the print sizes aren't the same. (I will be doing a post on how to mix patterns shortly, keep posted.)

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