Monday, February 20, 2012


So I figure that I would do a segment on my relaxation, since I am in desperate need to do so now and I've noticed a lot of people don't take the time to do so. I know from personal experience I tend to keep going and stressing. So some of the times you need to schedule some time to just relax. And here are some of my things I do to relax and keep myself well at least somewhat sane lol.

  •  Turning of my phone, laptop, ipad basically just removing myself from the world for about 10-20min.
  • I am also very big on candles and having them lite give my apartment a calming feeling. 
  • I love taking bubble baths and just listening to music and laying down for a little bit in the warm water. I like to get really nice smelling bubble bath to put in a hand full of bath salts or bath balms from Lush.
  • Drink hot tea, I am currently in love with Trader Joe's Pomegranate White Tea with some Honey.
  • Lastly I like to use face-mask's 


So take some time and relax. Also check out Lush they have some awesome bath products. But if Lush is out of your price range (I know it's pretty steep) then look into other places like Bath and Body Works, Ulta, and even The Dollar Store. Yes I have bought some bath salts from the dollar store and they work very well. So finally  get off the computer and take sometime to truly relax. Which is exactly what I plan on doing right now after this busy week into weekend into the crazy monday I had today.
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