Monday, February 27, 2012

Musical Monday?!?!

What?? I used an alliteration for the title!?!... why yes, in all my glory I just did. I don't think that this is going to be a consistent thing, always putting music up on Mondays, but then again who knows. I was just basically obsessed with a few songs, and since I have no facebook anymore I can't share with people on their my, if i do say so myself, wonderful taste in music lol. Also springtime is vastly approaching and I am so excited and every spring I ALWAYS get the song "We Looked Like Giants" by Death Cab for Cutie stuck in my head.
"God bless the daylight, the sugary smell of springtime. Remembering when you were mine in a still Suburban town. When every Thursday I'd brave those mountain passes, you'd skip your early classes and we'd learn how our bodies work."
Yepp mainly that beginning part their I am constantly singing in my head. And playing that song over and over again. It's just one of my crazy random habits, lol.

And the other song I will be posting has become a fairly new, with in the last two years or so, favorite of mine.  It's called "All Of My Days" by Alexi Murdoch. His music was featured in the movie that came out awhile ago called "Away We Go" that came out awhile ago! <- if you haven't seen it I suggest you do!!!!

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