Sunday, February 26, 2012

Instagram Life #7

So this week was interesting. I got behind on school work because my prof wasn't their all week. I took a walk down the Schuylkill river to the PMA. And I took a lot of pictures, after living in Philly for two years I have never been behind the Art Museum. It's really pretty back there, and cool. I suggest everyone to take a walk back their if you are planning to visit. I also have a new baby cousin! She's so adorable! In that pic she's only two days old! I haven't held or been around a baby that young in eight years! I was terrified I would end up dropping her or something, hah. Hope everyone else had a wonderful week and a great Sunday. Time for me to make dinner, take a bath, then watch the Academy Awards. (Is it sad the only reason I'm watching it is for a game on the app Viggle? lol)
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