Thursday, February 23, 2012

Samantha's Favorite Things

So you know how Oprah did her favorite things show. Well this post will be that but without the free giveaways hahaha. Sorry broke college student. Although I do plan on doing a giveaway eventually ;)
So here are just a few of my absolute favorite things that I use and own! (<-haha own like Oprah's TV station! I crack myself up)


Perfume: So I have three favorite perfumes. I use them at different times of the year though. They are Burberry Britt which I use in the Fall/Winter. Viva La Juicy which I use in the Spring/Summer and Lola which I just got for Christmas and I use for special occasions.

Lotion: So my all time favorite lotion for all over is Lush's Dream Cream. It is amazing! It has a nice sent and it helped me a lot with my dry skin over the winter season! If you even have a Lush store around you go there and try it out, I promise you'll love it. (and if you ask nicely they might just give you a free sample to take home with you) 

Lips: Now I normally don't buy really fancy expensive chap stick, I just always use the medicated chap stick in the winter seasons when my lips get really dry. But lately I've been using Vaseline on my lips before I go to bed (just a little dab with do ya), and in the morning they are soft and plump and just amazing! I highly recommend trying it. (and yes this pic is of the Vaseline product I use. I also use it on my legs after I get out of the shower.) 

 Make-up: My mom bought this set of make up for me randomly one day and now I'm obsessed with it. It's all by Laura Geller and the box was called Backed Vanilla nudes. Everything in there I constantly use, the mineral powder, the lipstick, the eye shadow it's awesome. Another thing I am IN LOVE with is Lorac's liquid eyeliner pen, it will apply very smoothly and last! Lastly I love YSL's lipstick in Opera Rose it has an awesome sent and it even tastes good, well worth the money!

Alright well that's is just a couple of my favorite things for now. I will probably post another one later on in the future, lol. Hope you enjoy some of the products and let me know what you think!

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