Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blogging Playlist

after reading the IFB project for the playlist while blogging i've come up with these songs for my "Blogging Playlist"

  • Pollen & Salt-Daphne Loves Derby: I just love the soothing flow of this song. I like to be calm when getting into the zone, even for homework and this song defiantly helps.
  • Black Coffee- Breanne Duren: Normally I'm kicking back drinking coffee, in my PJ's while writing these.
  • Clark Gable-The Postal Service: I just love this song, it just reminds me of a bunch of things from my life.
  • Tongue Tied-Grouplove: GAH! This song just makes me want to smile, I love the beat. At this point I'm normally in the zone so calm songs aren't really needed anymore, time for fun! :)
  • My Love-The Bird and The Bee: Who doesn't love thinking about their love no matter what you are doing?
  • Mango Tree-Angus & Julia Stone: This song will always remind me of my family and friends. Whom are all very supportive in everything I do. It's nice to be reminded of that while blogging.
  • Chai Tea Latte-Angle Taylor: ROUND TWO OF COFFEE/Chai Tea Latte/Carmel Macchiato/Hot Tea depends where I am while blogging.
  • Rumour Has It-Adele:It's girl power all the way with this woman singing!
  • Colder Weather-Zac Brown Band: This is kind of outta place with all my other songs. What a country songg?!?! Yes, a country song. I love the Zac Brown band. They are all really sweet, nice, loving guys. Even the touring crew rocks! Trust me.
  • Everyone- Mother Fox: I just love the pure emotion that this guy puts into his songs.
  • The Great Escape-We Are Scientists: Ending on a strong note with another song that just makes me want to dance like a f00l, haha. 

I love these songs. Hope you like em' or check them out sometime. Let me know what some of your favorite songs are!

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