Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Dresses

Holiday Dresses

Here are just a bunch of different style of dresses/outfits, I made on Polyvore, to get ideas for different styles to wear for the upcoming holidays.
The red dress on the left is for a more cutesy, preppy type of girl. I could easy see Zooey Deschanel wearing something of this sort. It definatly gives of a more fun and cute feel due to the flowing fabric and the big red bow. Adding a mustard colored wedge heel really pops and adds more fun bright colors to the outfit.
The middle dress, I would describe, as a more urban/city style. The green top half of it contrasted with the charcoal gray bottom penciled in like that gives it a more sexier, sleeker look. Because the dress doesn't have any patterns in it I added some pattern and texture in it with the accessories. The choppy gold necklace, and the chain gold belt along with the gold and black pattern heel really helps with that.
Lastly the outfit on the right is a very classic, vintage look. The top half of the dress has the black lace which makes the vintage feel, as well at the color of the bottom half of the skirt. The belt that comes with the dress really makes an even more girly aspect. No accessory screams vintage more to me than long layered pearls, so that's exactly what I added. Then the dark maroonish louboutins just complete the vintage feel of the outfit.
I hope this helped you with figuring out what to wear to your parties for the holidays.
Oasis red dress
$50 - oasis-stores.com

Mango long sleeve dress
£30 - mango.com

Supertrash party dress
€160 - supertrash.com

Miss Selfridge wedge heels
£42 - missselfridge.com

Christian Louboutin high heels
$1,095 - barneys.com

Christian Louboutin high heels
$895 - bergdorfgoodman.com

Pam Hiran chain necklace
$60 - modcloth.com

River Island collar necklace
£40 - riverisland.com

Kevia stud earrings
$45 - theoutnet.com

Chanel belt
€831 - lindestore.com


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