Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Valentino's Virtual Museum

Now as most of you know Valentino was one of the last true couture designers in the world. And when he stepped down to retire I remember my little heart broke! Valentino is still an amazing design company and doing very well, but there is nothing like a vintage Valentino. 

This morning the New York Times posted an article about the launch, that was also this morning of Valentino's virtual museum, FOR FREE. Yepp, that's right the download is completely free!

 (took this with my Iphone while I was checking it out this morning)

Inside the article is a link to the place were you actually download this "app" on to your computer. The download is quick and easy for both Mac and PC. I downloaded it this morning in class on the school's PC and at home on my Mac Book, with in no time I was in the museum looking around at all of the gorgeous masterpieces of clothing. 

When you first get to the "museum" you start by walking up some stairs and get to the main lobby where with in a Valentino red case is a Valentino dress. On the three walls that surround you are different virtual rooms that you can "walk" into and look around at all of the creations of Valentino.

QUICK TIP: make sure you click on the mannequins wearing the clothing and at the bottom of the screen a bar will appear on the right hand side you can click and it will take you to see more information about the garment, like the fashion show it was in, the illustrations and some are able to do a 360 degree turn!

I personally find this piece of technology amazing. The fact that anyone now has the access to view a whole bunch of Valentino's famous couture works any time! I feel that this is a giant leap to show everyone the where this industry is going in the near future.

I urge you to check this out for yourself. It's truly amazing.
Let me know what you think of it!!!

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