Saturday, December 24, 2011

DIY: ombre hair

Okay, so how do you ombre hair? Well good question.
I will take you step by step on how to ombre hair.
(you can also do this to dark/brown hair I did this to my hair.
you can see it in a couple of my pictures i have of myself in earlier posts)

  • get the products. you will need a bleaching kit, brush, tub/shower head, blow dryer, towels and shirt that you don't care get's dye on it. (i got this bleaching kit at target-$10)

  •  brush hair then follow directions for hair bleaching kit
  • part hair in center and split hair in two sections.
  • put on gloves and put dye on hair up to were you want the gradation to start.
  • put both sections of hair together and blend hair dye all through out were you want the gradation.  The arrow represents were I put the hair dye up to on my sister's hair.  (she already had am ombre hair which it why it looks so light on the bottom.)
  •  leave in for about 20-25 min
  • wash out dye using shampoo and towel dry then if necessary to speed up the process blow dry hair on cool.

  •  after hair is all dry.  put gloves back on and put dye  down further on the hair. this is where the hair will be the lightest. The arrow represents where I put the dye second time on my sisters hair.
  • now you can add any extra dye in your hair where you want it to be lighter. My sister asked if I could put some in her hair around her face and in her bangs. basically to frame her face better. 
  • remember when putting the dye in your hair it doesn't have to be perfect. I actually suggest not trying to make it look perfect because it looks better with out putting as much effort into it. more natural.
  • leave in for about 25-30 minutes. 
  • wash out with shampoo and the conditioner they put in the bleaching kit.
  • lastly, blow dry hair and style the way you want it. I've noticed that you can see the ombre in the hair better with straight hair rather than curly.

I know the one on the left isn't a great picture but it is one on her before the ombre, 
and the one on the right is after the ombre. 

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