Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week One Obsessions.

Good day everyone! I decided I wanted to start a Sunday weekly obsessions with a song that I have been obsessed with over the week. This week will be the song Little Talks By Of Monsters and Men. For awhile now my friend and I have liked to share new music we find on our facebooks to each other. A little bit ago he posted this song, and I fell in love. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 
Another obsession of mine this past week is pine scented candles. The fact I don't have a Christmas Tree in my apartment makes me yearn for the fresh smell of pine needles! 

As every Sunday, I am very lazy. I honestly stayed in bed for ages before I could bring myself to get out, hah.  I worked on some of my final projects for classes. Now after I post this I'm going to wander over to LOVE park to finally walk around Christmas Village with my friends! I plan on getting a nutella creepe, hot chocolate and telling Stana everything that I want for Christmas this year.
I hope everyone is having a terrificly lazy Sunday.

Oh and P.S: I will defiantly be getting into more of the fashion blogs this week fo' sho'

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